Let me introduce you to.... January 02 2015 2 Comments

us. You may have read a little bit about our history on our 'Who We Are' page :) This accurately describes how we became JLWoodworx & Design but says little to who we are on the day to day. I hope to use this outlet to give you a glimpse into our beautiful little life with our two sweet babies and our one BIG baby, JLW & Design :) The BIG baby has gone through quite the change in the past year and we could not be more excited. Our entire life has gone through amazing changes this past year and we said goodbye to 2014 on a very good note. We are extremely Blessed by all that we have in our life and are so thankful for what is to come in 2015. When J and I met oh so long ago ;) neither one of us could have guessed that 2015 would bring 8 years of marriage, a beautiful almost 4 year old little girl, a ridiculously handsome one year old little boy, 2 fur babies, and a life full of happiness being exactly who we were meant to be. JLW & Design has allowed us to both pursue our dream of art and design and we LOVE that y'all love what we do. You might already have guessed that J is the man behind the woodworx and I am the lady behind the design but what you might not know is that we literally work almost 100% in collaboration with each other.  I may not actually cut the wood ('cause let's be for real, thats kinda scary;)) and if you asked me to do it I would run and hide but I do know most of what is going on and how to do it. J has taught me to think like a carpenter but i definitely still have the dreamer status of a designer and need him to bring me back down to reality when i try to scheme up some idea that sounds great in my head but will not necessarily work in terms of wood. And then just like that we switch roles and J becomes the dreamer/schemer and I become the back to reality tamer. We play off each other's visions to bring the best product/installation we can possibly achieve. As we go in to this New Year our goals are to grow our company and grow as a family of four and to let God show us how to mesh the two together. Thank you for supporting us and I look forward to showing you a little bit about our life. Oh and of course showing you little pieces of what we are doing with JLW & Design.